Latest Windows Server training on MS Learn

Latest Windows Server training on MS Learn
Looking for Windows Server 2019 training resources? Here are the current Microsoft Learn modules, varying from initial to sophisticated subjects!

Select Windows Server editions, servicing choices, and activation
This module explains the various editions of Windows Server 2019 (Essentials, Standard, Datacenter and Hyper-v) and when to utilize each. It describes the various maintenance channels, for environments that require a longer-term os with less regular updates (typically essential in markets like health care and production). You’ll find out about licensing and activation and how to carry out automated activation for your brand-new virtual makers.

Describe Windows Server administration tools
This module explains the current tools for handling your servers, consisting of a presentation of Windows Admin Center, a description of the conventional Server Manager tool, the supported abilities of Remote Server Administration Tools and an introduction of Windows PowerShell. You’ll see a circumstance of utilizing Windows PowerShell to from another location administer a server. This material is excellent for individuals with a Windows Server administration background who wish to comprehend what contemporary management tools are now readily available and when they can be utilized.

Orchestrate containers on Windows Server utilizing Kubernetes
Curious about containers? Here you will find out how container orchestration can be utilized to automate and handle great deals of containers and the architecture and typical terms utilized by Kubernetes (a popular container orchestration tool). You’ll step through how to produce a Kubernetes cluster on Windows. You’ll find how Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes can assist you take benefit of Microsoft Azure tooling for your on-premises clusters and how to link them.

Implement Windows Server DNS
A core networking function, Domain Name System is described in this module – how it works, what zones and records are
and how to develop them. You’ll likewise about DNS forwarding, that sends out demands on to other DNS servers when proper.

Manage advanced functions of advertisement DS
Active Directory Domain Services can be utilized in an easy structure to hold user and computer system accounts, however what if you’re environment is big or made complex? This module discusses trust relationships in between various advertisement DS forests, what Enhanced Security Administrative Environment (ESEA) forests are, how to develop custom-made advertisement partitions and how to keep an eye on and fix Active Directory duplication.

Implement Group Policy items
In this module, you’ll find out about what Group Policy things do – how they are scoped and acquired, how to set up a domain-based GPO, what containers and design templates are and how administrative design templates can be utilized to manage running systems and the user experience.

Manage Windows Server file servers

For keeping files regional and shared on the network, file shares on Windows Server have some crucial factors to consider. Find out about file system types, File Server Resource Manager, the SMB procedure and how Volume Shadow Copy Service works for actioning file backups.

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