Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio
Not to be puzzled with Vizio Inc., a customer electronic devices business.
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Office Visio.svg
Microsoft Visio screenshot.png Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional on Windows 10
Developer( s) Microsoft
Initial release 1992; 30 years ago
Stable release( s)
Office 365 2107(Beta Channel) (160.1390120462)/ June 8, 2021; 14 months ago
One-time purchase 2021/ October 5, 2021; 10 months ago [1]
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Diagramming software application
License Trialware
Website items workplace com/ en/ visio/ flowchart-software

Microsoft Visio( VIZ– ee-oh) (previously Microsoft Office Visio) is a diagramming and vector graphics application and becomes part of the Microsoft Office household. The item was initially presented in 1992, made by the Shapeware Corporation, later on relabelled Visio Corporation It was obtained by Microsoft in2000 A light-weight variation of Visio is now consisted of with all business SKU of Microsoft 365 and is called Visio in Microsoft 365 It has 2 other membership based SKUs. Visio Plan 1 consists of the Visio web app whereas Visio Plan 2 supplies access to both the web app along with the Desktop application.

Features [ edit]

Microsoft Visio is utilized to produce diagram types such as Flowcharts, Org Charts, Floor Plans, Network Diagrams, UML Diagrams, Mind maps and more. It is likewise typically utilized for circumstances such as Process Mapping and Visual Collaboration. The current variation of Visio likewise has information visualization that permits users to produce diagrams from Excel information and likewise embed Visio diagrams in Power BI control panels.

Microsoft made Visio 2013 for Windows readily available in 2 editions: Standard and Professional. The Standard and Professional editions share the very same user interface, however the Professional edition has extra design templates for advanced diagrams and designs, in addition to abilities planned to make it simple for users to link their diagrams to information sources and to show their information graphically. [2] [3] The Professional edition functions 3 extra diagram types, along with smart guidelines, recognition, and subprocess (diagram breakdown). [4] Visio Professional is likewise used as an extra part of an Office365 membership. [5]

On 22 September 2015, Visio 2016 was launched along with Microsoft Office 2016 A couple of brand-new functions have actually been included such as one-step connection with Excel information, details rights management (IRM) defense for Visio files, up-to-date shapes for workplace design, comprehensive shapes for website strategies, upgraded shapes for layout, modern-day shapes for house strategies, IEEE certified shapes for electrical diagrams, brand-new variety of starter diagrams, and brand-new styles for the Visio user interface. [6]

Database modeling in Visio focuses on a Database Model Diagram (DMD). [7]

File formats [ edit]

Native file formats
.vsd icon.svg.vss icon.svg Icons for vsd(left) and vss(right) files
VSD Drawing
VSS Stencil
VST Template
VDW Web illustration [8]
VDX XML illustration (Discontinued [9] )
VSX XML stencil (Discontinued [9] )
VTX XML design template (Discontinued [9] )
VSDX OPC/XML illustration [9] [10]
VSDM OPC/XML illustration, macro-enabled [9]
VSSX OPC/XML stencil [9]
VSSM OPC/XML stencil, macro-enabled [9]
VSTX OPC/XML design template [9]
VSTM OPC/XML design template, macro-enabled [9]
VSL Add-on

All of the previous variations of Visio utilized VSD, the exclusive binary-file format. Visio 2010 included assistance for the VDX file format, which is a well-documented XML Schema-based (” DatadiagramML”) format, however still utilizes VSD by default.

Visio 2013 drops assistance for composing VDX files in favor of the brand-new VSDX and VSDM file formats, [9] and utilizes them by default. Produced based upon Open Packaging Conventions(OPC) requirement (ISO 29500, Part 2), a VSDX or VSDM file includes a group of XML files archived inside a Zip file [9] VSDX and VSDM files vary just because VSDM files might include macros [9] Since these files are vulnerable to macro infection infection, the program implements stringent security on them. [11]

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