3 Ways to Boot Windows Server 2012 into Safe Mode

3 Ways to Boot Windows Server 2012 into Safe Mode
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How can I enter Safe Mode on the brand-new Windows os such as Windows 8, Windows 10 and Server 2012? Beginning with Windows 8, the system boots extremely rapidly and the time to push F8 secret to gain access to Safe Mode is smaller sized than 200 milliseconds, so it’s nearly difficult to participate in the Safe Mode by pushing F8 throughout boot time.

In this tutorial we’ll reveal you 3 convenient methods to boot Windows Server 2012 into Safe Mode. The techniques ought to likewise deal with Windows 10 and Windows 8/8.1.

Method 1: Boot Windows Server 2012 into Safe Mode Using Command Prompt

  1. Press the Windows secret + X to open the WinX menu, choose “ Command Prompt (Admin)” from the list. winx
  2. In order to make Windows show the Windows Boot Manager, type the following command at the Command Prompt and push Enter. You will get a verification specifying that The operation finished effectively. bcdedit/ set [bootmgr] displaybootmenu yes


    If you wish to stop showing the Windows Boot Manager later on, run this command rather:
    bcdedit/ set [bootmgr] displaybootmenu no

  3. Now reboot your computer system and you’ll see the Windows Boot Manager screen. Simply press F8 to raise the Advanced Boot Options. windows-boot-manager
  4. Select Safe Mode and press Enter. This will open Windows Server 2012 in Safe Mode. advanced-boot-options

Method 2: Boot Windows Server 2012 into Safe Mode Using System Configuration

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