Blend for Visual Studio feature tour

Blend for Visual Studio feature tour

Applies to: yes Visual Studio no Visual Studio for Mac no Visual Studio Code

Blend for Visual Studio assists you style XAML-based Windows and Web applications. It offers the exact same standard XAML style experience as Visual Studio and includes visual designers for sophisticated jobs such as animations and habits. For a contrast in between Blend and Visual Studio, see Design XAML in Visual Studio and Blend for Visual Studio

Blend for Visual Studio belongs of Visual Studio. To set up Blend, in the Visual Studio Installer select either the Universal Windows Platform advancement or Internet desktop advancement work. Both of these work consist of the Blend for Visual Studio element.

UWP workload components.NET desktop development workload components

If you’re brand-new to Blend for Visual Studio, take a minute to end up being knowledgeable about the distinct functions of the work area. This subject takes you on a fast trip.

You can utilize the Tools panel in Blend for Visual Studio to produce and customize things in your application. The Tools panel appears on the left-hand side of the XAML designer when you have a xaml file open.

You develop the items by choosing a tool and making use of the artboard with your mouse.

Tools panel in Blend for Visual Studio


Some of the tools in the Tools panel have variations, for instance, rather of a rectangular shape, you can select an ellipse or a line. To access these variations, right-click or click and hang on the tool.

Shape tool variations in Blend for Visual Studio

Selection tools

Select items and courses. Utilize the Direct Selection tool to pick embedded items and course sectors.

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