Microsoft Quantum Development Kit – Visual Studio Marketplace

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit – Visual Studio Marketplace
Important: This variation of the Quantum Development Kit is not suitable with Visual Studio 2022 or more recent. It is presently in upkeep mode and no longer getting updates after variation 0.23195983

To utilize the set in more recent Visual Studio items and continue getting updates, you need to utilize this extension rather: Microsoft Quantum Development Kit (Visual Studio 2022)

Thank you for your interest in Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit for Visual Studio2019 The Quantum Development Kit consists of the tools you’ll require to construct your own quantum computing programs and experiments. Presuming some experience with Visual Studio, novices can compose their very first quantum program, and experienced scientists can rapidly and effectively establish brand-new quantum algorithms.

Getting Started

To leap right in, have a look at our Getting Started guide to learn more about the structure of a Q # job and how to establish a quantum program with Q #.

You can likewise attempt our Quantum Computing Fundamentals discovering course to get acquainted with the fundamental principles of quantum computing, construct quantum programs, and recognize the type of issues that can be resolved.

NOTE: The simulator consisted of with the Quantum Development Kit needs a 64- bit os to run.

The source code for this extension can be discovered on our GitHub repository

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