Activate Windows 10 and 11 Pro free

Activate Windows 10 and 11 Pro free

An guide how to trigger Windows 10 AND 11 Pro free of charge

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Because you will get some more functions like an Bitlocker and host your gadget as an External Desktop which can be accessed through the web.

Use 3rd approach for PERMANENT activation!

Third is for users with PERMANENT activation. This might need you a Microsoft account to be gotten in touch with Windows. Discover it by click on this link The very first and 2nd techniques are NOT PERMANENT

Am i likewise able to change from any other edition to Pro?

The response is practically yes! You can change from practically any edition to Pro totally free of charge!

Note for users with unactivated Pro edition

People which currently have Pro, however not triggered, can avoid to this action

I get a notice: Your Windows license will end quickly or something that method. What do i do?

Don’t stress. It will get restored, if not then i will upgrade this guide as quickly as i can and ensure it is updated so you can remain enjoy your complimentary license. For users which utilized this guide to trigger with the very first or 2nd technique and now get this message everytime, utilize the 3rd approach to trigger it permanently.

Getting begun

What you initially require to do is open CMD (Command Prompt) as Administrator utilizing this keyboard secret:

68747470733a2f2f73766773686172652e636f6d2f692f64675f2e737667 + R

And now enter cmd.exe in package

It must now look as something like this:


Now press this secrets on your keyboard:

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Now you have something like this:

UAC Permissions

Now, click Yes

Now you have something like this:

Windows Command Prompt

The commands

Now, type the following command: slmgr.vbs/ upk

Note: this will eliminate your present activation secret! Now it will offer an message, click OKAY

And now this command: slmgr.vbs/ cpky It will offer an message when again, and click OKAY once again

And now type this command: slmgr.vbs/ ckms Once once again click OKAY when you get an message

Edition upgradable check command

Now we are gon na examine of your edition is supported to update to Pro, run the following command to examine this: DISM/ online/ Get-TargetEditions If you see Professional in the list, then you can update your Windows edition to Pro totally free!

Running Windows Pro installer

Now, copy and paste this total command:

sc config LicenseManager start= automobile & net start LicenseManager

sc config wuauserv start= car & net start wuauserv

changepk.exe/ productkey VK7JG-NPHTM-C97 JM-9MPGT-3V66 T


It will run an installer and you will see an message: % total

Now wait up until it’s 100% and after that you get a mistake (This is regular, this requires to occur.)

When you get the mistake, simply click Exit and after that reboot your pc.

You will now see an message that he is running updates and is setting up functions, simply wait till its done and check information in settings, You will see that Windows 10/11 Pro is set up! ( May reveal Windows Enterprise, however will be Windows Pro !!)

But we are refrained from doing, You will see that it isn’t triggered which you can’t alter some settings, now we are gon na repair that!

Method 1 For Activating Windows Pro

Now we are gon na run some other commands to trigger Windows 10/11 Pro.

Press these keyboard secrets as soon as again:

68747470733a2f2f73766773686172652e636f6d2f692f64675f2e737667 + R

It appears like this once again:

Run Dialog With cmd.exe Text In It

Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter

You will get an message, simply click Yes

Now you will get an Command Prompt.

Type the following commands one for one to trigger:

slmgr/ ipk W269 N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83 GX

slmgr/ skms

slmgr/ ato

Note: This does not constantly work. When running slmgr/ ato it does not constantly work, however keep attempting. Now you have Windows 10/11 Pro and it triggered! You can examine settings to see it.

Method 2 For Activating Windows Pro

There’s another approach with a batch file. You can download it by click on this link It will begin to download. Click Save (As) to wait. Now we require to open Windows Explorer. Click these keyboard secrets together:

68747470733a2f2f73766773686172652e636f6d2f692f64675f2e737667 + R

Type explorer.exe in the box and click Enter on your keyboard or click OKAY Now it will open Windows Explorer. You’re here now: Windows Explorer On Start With Windows 11 Click on Downloads, or go to the directory site where you conserved the downloaded batch file. Now you are here (or on a various location): Downloads Folder With Batch File On Windows 11 Click on the batch file 1 time, then right click and click Run As Administrator It will request UAC consents. Click Yes now. Now a console windows will open. Wait till it states Now you triggered Windows Pro free of charge! It likewise asks if you wan na see somebody’s blog site. Press Y if you wish to and N if you do not wish to see.

Method 3 For Activating Windows Pro Permanently

This is the approach many people might utilize as this one triggers it PERMANENT. Download the batch file by click on this link Now it will begin downloading this file and click Save if asked. Now open Windows Explorer. Go to the directory site where it got downloaded, and double click it. It will open a Command Prompt Console (Windows Terminal, Windows Console Host or any other). It will quickly ask UAC authorizations, and after that click Yes Now when you see a menu with alternatives, click 2 on your keyboard. Now wait up until it is done! And it is triggered!

Video Tutorial

No one. You are enabled to make one for me and share it. Or i will include one quickly.

Last Words

I hope you enjoy it! If you have any additional concerns, you can email me at or discuss this guide.


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