Metadata search in Visual Studio – Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365

Metadata search in Visual Studio – Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365
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This post explains how to utilize metadata search to browse your code and metadata for approximate patterns and material.

Given the big volume of the code base and metadata, it is frequently essential to discover things in the code that fulfill a specific requirements. You may not understand the name of the metadata aspect that consists of the pattern or fulfills the requirements. Metadata search is exposed in Visual Studio through 2 interface: the Metadata Search tool window and the Navigate To window.

You can access the Metadata search tool window from the Dynamics 365 > Metadata Search menu command. Enter your search question to begin the search. Outcomes will begin occupying in the window asynchronously as you type. You can double-click any outcome line to browse to the matching X++ code or metadata that matches your search question.

Metadata search tool window.

You can likewise choose several outcomes, right-click, and after that include these aspects to a task. You do not require to await the search to finish prior to you begin connecting with the search results page.

Add to new project from metadata search.

The Navigate To window is conjured up utilizing the Ctrl+’,’(the comma character) faster way secrets. Pushing Ctrl+’,’ shows the inquiry entry box in top-right corner of the Visual Studio primary file window. You can likewise access the Navigate To window from the Visual Studio Edit menu. Enter you browse inquiry and see the outcomes look like you type. A development indication will stop when the search is total. You do not require to await the search to finish to begin engaging with the outcomes.

Navigate To window.

Search question syntax

This area explains the search inquiry syntax and offers example questions.


The search question is a search string that includes a set of filters in this basic type:

:  [:  ... [: ]] 

Where is among the appropriate filter names, and <filter_i_value> are comma apart (and perhaps priced quote) filtering worths.

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