Microsoft SARIF Viewer – Visual Studio Marketplace

Microsoft SARIF Viewer – Visual Studio Marketplace
This release of the Microsoft SARIF Viewer extension for Visual Studio works with the last OASIS Committee Specification variation of the SARIF file format.

The Microsoft SARIF Viewer extension for Visual Studio offers a practical UI for examining fixed analysis log files and acting on the products they consist of. The SARIF Viewer incorporates with the Visual Studio environment, showing a list of analysis leads to the Error List and result information in a dockable tool window.


  • View the set of arise from a SARIF log file
  • View information about each outcome, consisting of:
    • Information about the guideline that was broken
    • Locations of the flaw
    • Code courses and call stacks that result in the problem
    • Suggested repairs for the problem
    • Details about the fixed analysis run and the tool that performed it
  • Navigate to the flaw area in the target file
  • Extract target files embedded in the SARIF log
  • Preview and use recommended repairs in the target file with the click of a button
  • Automatically change SARIF v1 logs to v2
  • Automatically transform log files from lots of other fixed analysis formats
  • Open SARIF log files in the SARIF Viewer from your own Visual Studio extension utilizing the SARIF Viewer Interop Library


  1. In Visual Studio 2109, choose menu product Extensions > Manage Extensions
  2. In the tree view, pick the Online node.
  3. In the Search text box, type “sarif” and after that press ENTER.
  4. In the Microsoft SARIF Viewer tile, choose Download


To open a SARIF log, or another supported log format (see listed below), utilize the “Import Static Analysis Log File to Error List” flyout on the Tools menu. You can likewise open.sarif files utilizing File > Open, or by dragging and dropping into the Visual Studio editor window.

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