What’s new for Windows Containers on Windows Server 2022

What’s new for Windows Containers on Windows Server 2022
Today we revealed the upcoming release of Windows Server 2022 – and yes, it is loaded with lots of brand-new functions throughout the board, consisting of Security, Hybrid, and Application Platform. In this blog site, we’ll discuss some information about what’s brand-new for Windows Containers in this next release.
Before we dive into the bits, it’s crucial to repeat that we’ve been listening to consumer feedback and your input has actually been driving our work throughout platform enhancements, application compatibility, and much better Kubernetes experience. Numerous of the brand-new functions listed below are the outcome of work made upstream in direct partnership with the Kubernetes neighborhood, benefiting not just Windows Server 2022, however likewise Windows Server2019 We’ve been hard at work improving our tooling to assist you containerize existing applications with Windows Containers.
With that, let’s have a look at what’s brand-new for containers in Windows Server 2022:

Platform enhancements
General size enhancements
Image size plays a huge function in the container’s world. When you release a containerized application, you desire it to begin as quickly as it can, however prior to the container can begin the container image layers require to be downloaded and drawn out on the container host. Given that the launch of Windows containers in Windows Server 2016 we’ve made substantial enhancements to the Server Core container image, which is suggested for Lift and Shift circumstances. In Windows Server 2022, we continued to make development in lowering the size of that image:

Insider develop 10.0.202921 LTSC 2019 (RTM)
Size uncompressed, on disk (GB) 2.73 3.7
Image name mcr.microsoft.com/window/servercore/insider: 10.0.202921 mcr.microsoft.com/windows/servercore: ltsc2019
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