Create project templates – Visual Studio (Windows)

Create project templates – Visual Studio (Windows)
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This subject reveals you how to produce a design template utilizing the Export Template Wizard, which packages your design template in a zip file.

Use the Export Template Wizard

  1. Create a job.

    Use just legitimate identifier characters when calling a task that will be the source for a design template. Otherwise, collection mistakes can happen in jobs that are developed from the design template. To learn more about legitimate identifier characters, see Declared component names (Visual Basic) or Identifiers (C++) You can utilize Template specifications to utilize “safe” names for classes and namespaces.

  2. Edit the task up until it is prepared to be exported as a design template. You may desire to modify code files to show where criterion replacement ought to take location. See How to: Substitute criteria in a design template
  3. On the Project menu, select Export Template

    The Export Template Wizard opens.

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