Does Office 2021 / 2019 need sign-in to a Microsoft account?

Does Office 2021 / 2019 need sign-in to a Microsoft account?
Does Office 2021 or Office 2019 demand a Microsoft account Sign-In (login) to utilize the software application and modify files? We’ve done some tests to examine and we’ll discuss the information too.

It’s an excellent concern. Microsoft 365 software application does need a Microsoft account login however what about the ‘continuous licence’ Office 2021 or Office 2019? See All about Office 2021 for Windows & Mac

Some consumers are naturally worried about business glancing into their life and work. They ‘d choose to work anonymously as much as possible.

We’ve done some tests on both Office 2021 and Office 2019, the response is– NO check in is needed. Microsoft definitely motivates consumers to check in with a Microsoft account however it’s elective.

How to sign out of Office 2021/2019

To logout of a Microsoft account, click the account name and icon at leading right, then select Sign Out. There’s a frightening looking caution from Microsoft.

image 163

The ‘caution’ isn’t completely precise. It states more about Microsoft’s desire to have all their consumer logged into their system.

Sign out of Office

Signing out will eliminate your account from this and other Office apps. Conserve any Office submits that sync to the cloud (such as OneDrive) prior to you sign out. To finish the procedure, close all Office apps.

When you’re prepared to modify files on this gadget, check in to Office once again.

The very first paragraph is nearly precise. Any cloud kept files must be conserved (to the cloud or a regional drive) prior to logging out.

However, if you’re utilizing the OneDrive app to sync files then you’ll still have the ability to deal with OneDrive files be opening them in the regional OneDrive folder. See Two methods to open a OneDrive file in Microsoft Office

The 2nd paragraph is incorrect according to our tests. Modifying files in Word, Excel or PowerPoint is rather possible without checking in. Here’s Excel 2021 open with a worksheet and Word 2021 likewise open, all set to make a brand-new file or deal with an existing one.

image 164

As you can see above, if the app isn’t signed into a Microsoft account, a ‘Sign in’ timely remains.

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