Apple’s M1 Pro MacBook Pro is an amazing Windows 11 laptop

Apple’s M1 Pro MacBook Pro is an amazing Windows 11 laptop
So, how does Windows 11 work on Apple’s M1 Pro MacBook Pro? I’ve been asked this rather a lot over the previous couple of months, and, previously, I’ve been a bit reluctant to comment.

When I changed as much as an M1 Pro MacBook Pro, I understood an entire lot of things would alter. Among those was that it was completion of the line of having the ability to run the x86 Windows on the Mac.

Yeah, I are among those individuals who run Windows on their Macs. Overcome it.

This absence of assistance for x86 at first got me more than a bit concerned. While I do not definitely require Windows, it’s extremely useful to have access to it.

Running Windows in Apple’s Bootcamp software application was dead in the water as it was no longer supported, and Bootcamp truly wasn’t the very best experience at the very best of times anyhow.

Fortunately, the great individuals at Parallels launched Parallels Desktop for Mac 17, and this variation would enable me to run Windows 11 Arm on my M1 Pro MacBook Pro.

The procedure of getting your hands on Windows 11 Arm and getting it set up on macOS is quite simple, and Parallels has actually detailed the procedure here

Since I do not run Windows a great deal on my Mac, this is something I’ve been checking gradually over the previous couple of months. I at first felt that possible compatibility problems with Windows 11 Arm would make the entire venture unpleasant, which I ‘d need to quit on having Windows on my Mac and run Windows on a Windows laptop computer.

This at first made me a little reluctant in advising this course to others.

However, provided the fantastic task Microsoft has actually done, how well Windows 11 Arm supports a broad variety of various applications, and the great task that Parallels have actually carried out in supporting Windows 11 Arm, I’ve really had no concerns whatsoever.


I’ve now got a variation of Windows 11 operating on my Mac, and I have access to whatever that I require.

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