What’s new in Visual Studio 2019

What’s new in Visual Studio 2019
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Updated for the 16.11 release. See complete release notes|View item roadmap

With Visual Studio 2019, you’ll get best-in-class tools and services for any designer, any app, and any platform. Whether you’re utilizing Visual Studio for the very first time or you’ve been utilizing it for many years, there’s a lot to like in our present variation!

Here’s a top-level wrap-up of what’s brand-new, all-up:

  • Develop: Stay focused and efficient with enhanced efficiency, immediate code clean-up, and much better search engine result.
  • Collaborate: Enjoy natural cooperation through a Git-first workflow, real-time modifying and debugging, and code evaluations right in Visual Studio.
  • Debug: Highlight and browse to particular worths, enhance memory usage, and take automated pictures of your application’s execution.

For a total list of whatever that’s brand-new in this variation, see the release notes And, for more details about what’s brand-new in the 16.11 release, see the Visual Studio 2019 v1611 is readily available now post.


View the following video to find out more about how you can conserve time with brand-new functions.

Video length: 3.00 minutes

Formerly called Quick Launch, our brand-new search experience is quicker and more reliable. Now, search engine result appear dynamically as you type. And, search results page can frequently consist of keyboard faster ways for commands, so that you can remember them for future usage.

An animation of the new search experience in Visual Studio 2019

The brand-new fuzzy search reasoning will discover anything you require, no matter typos. Whether you’re looking for commands, settings, paperwork, or other helpful things, the brand-new search function makes it simpler to discover what you’re looking for.

For more details, see Use Visual Studio search

Intelligent search service

New in 16.9: By utilizing cloud-powered innovation, expert system, and artificial intelligence, we’ve enhanced our search engine result. Now, not just does browse in Visual Studio produce more pertinent outcomes, however it can likewise assist you find item functions more quickly, too.

For more details, see the Intelligent Visual Studio search service article.


There are great deals of brand-new and extremely beneficial refactorings in C# that make it much easier to arrange your code. They appear as ideas in the light bulb and consist of actions such as moving members to user interface or base class, changing namespaces to match folder structure, transform foreach-loops to Linq questions, and more.

An animation of the refactorings experience in Visual Studio 2019

Simply conjure up the refactorings by pushing Ctrl+. and picking the action you wish to take.


Visual Studio IntelliCode boosts your software application advancement efforts by utilizing expert system (AI). IntelliCode trains throughout 2,000 open-source tasks on GitHub– each with over 100 stars– to produce its suggestions.

An animation of IntelliCode in Visual Studio 2019

Here are a couple of manner ins which Visual Studio IntelliCode can assist improve your efficiency:

  • Deliver context-aware code conclusions
  • Guide designers to stick to the patterns and designs of their group
  • Find difficult-to-catch code problems
  • Focus code evaluations by accentuating locations that actually matter

We at first supported just C# when we initially previewed the IntelliCode as an extension for Visual Studio. Now, brand-new in 16.1, we’ve included assistance for C# and XAML “in-the-box”. (Support for C++ and TypeScript/JavaScript are still in sneak peek, nevertheless.)

And if you’re utilizing C#, we’ve likewise included the capability to train a custom-made design on your own code.

For more info about IntelliCode, see the Announcing the basic accessibility of IntelliCode plus a preview and Code more, scroll less with Visual Studio IntelliCode article.

Code clean-up

Paired with a brand-new file health indication is a brand-new code clean-up command. You can utilize this brand-new command to determine and after that repair both cautions and tips with a single action (or click of a button).

The clean-up will format the code and use any code repairs as recommended by the existing settings and editorconfig files

A screenshot of the new code cleanup control in Visual Studio 2019

You can likewise conserve collections of fixers as a profile. If you have a little set of targeted fixers that you use often while you code, and then you have another detailed set of fixers to use prior to a code evaluation, you can set up profiles to deal with these various jobs.

A screenshot of the configure code cleanup control in Visual Studio 2019

Per-monitor mindful (PMA) making

If you utilize displays that are set up with various display screen scale elements, or link from another location to a device with display screen scale elements that are various from your primary gadget, you may observe that Visual Studio looks fuzzy or renders at the incorrect scale.

With the release of Visual Studio 2019, we’re making Visual Studio a per-monitor mindful (PMA) application. Now, Visual Studio renders properly no matter the display screen scale elements you utilize.

Per-monitor aware (PMA) rendering in Visual Studio 2019

For more details, see the Better multi-monitor experience with Visual Studio 2019 post.

Test Explorer

New in 16.2: We’ve upgraded Test Explorer to offer much better handling of big test sets, simpler filtering, more visible commands, tabbed playlist views, and personalized columns that let you tweak what test details is shown.

A screenshot that shows the user interface improvements in the Test Explorer

. Web Core

New in 16.3: We’ve consisted of assistance for.NET Core 3.0. Cross-platform, open source– and totally supported by Microsoft.

For more details, see the Announcing.NET Core 3.0 post.


View the following video to find out more about how you can collaborate to fix concerns.

Video length: 4.22 minutes

Git-first workflow

Something you’ll see when you open Visual Studio 2019 is its brand-new start window.

A screenshot of the new start window in Visual Studio 2019

The start window provides you with a number of alternatives to get you to code rapidly. We’ve positioned the alternative to clone or examine out code from a repo.

An animation of the 'Git-first' experience in Visual Studio 2019

The start window likewise consists of alternatives to open a task or option, open a regional folder, or produce a brand-new job.

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