Quickstart: Install & configure Visual Studio Tools for Unity

Quickstart: Install & configure Visual Studio Tools for Unity

Quickstart: Configure Visual Studio for cross-platform advancement with Unity

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In this quickstart, you discover how to set up the Visual Studio Tools for Unity extension and configure it for establishing cross-platform video games and apps with Unity. The Visual Studio Tools for Unity extension is complimentary and offers assistance for composing and debugging C# and more. Go to the Tools for Unity summary for a total list of what that work consists of.

  1. Download the Visual Studio installer, or open it if currently set up.
  2. Select Install, or Modify if Visual Studio is currently set up.
  3. Select the Workloads tab, then choose the Game advancement with Unity work.
  4. If Unity isn’t currently set up, choose Unity Hub under Optional
  5. Select Modify or Install to finish the setup.

    Screenshot of the game development with Unity workload checkbox in the installer.

When Visual Studio finishes the setup procedure, you’re prepared to establish Unity.

  1. Open the Unity Hub, which was set up throughout the Visual Studio Tools for Unity setup.
  2. On the left of the Unity Hub window, pick the Installs tab.
  3. Select the Add button.
  4. In the Add Unity Version window, choose a variation of Unity to set up.
  5. Select Next to continue the setup.
  6. In the Add modules to your set up action, choose Done

    If you’ve currently set up Visual Studio 2022, you can deselect the Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 alternative.

The Unity Hub continues setting up Unity in the background. When it’s total, you can develop a brand-new job by picking the Projects tab and picking New


Projects are developed utilizing the Unity Editor and not Visual Studio.

Visual Studio for Mac Tools for Unity is consisted of with the setup of Visual Studio for Mac. It needs no different setup actions. You can confirm the setup in the Visual Studio for Mac > Extensions > Game Development menu. Visual Studio for Mac Tools for Unity ought to be made it possible for.

Screenshot of the Extension Manager view showing Visual Studio for Mac Tools for Unity enabled.

Configure Unity to utilize Visual Studio

By default, Unity must currently be set up to utilize Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac as a script editor. You can validate this choice or alter the external script editor to a particular variation of Visual Studio from the Unity Editor.

  1. In the Unity Editor, choose the Edit > Preferences menu.
  2. On the left, pick the External Tools tab.

    Screenshot of the External Tools preference menu in the Unity Editor on Windows.

Add a variation of Visual Studio that isn’t noted

It’s possible to pick other variations of Visual Studio that are unlisted and set up in a custom-made directory site.

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