Windows Server 2022 is full of new file services!

Windows Server 2022 is full of new file services!
Heya folks, Ned here once again. As you’ve heard by now, Windows Server 2022 is offered and supported for production implementations. This brand-new OS brings lots of brand-new functions around security, storage, networking, web, containers, applications, virtualization, edge, and Azure hybrid.

Today I’ll highlight what we’ve presented for the single most utilized situation in companies: File Services. Our objective with Windows Server 2022 was to make the very same generational leap that we made with Windows Server 2012, where we initially presented SMB 3.0 and its security, scale, and efficiency choices. With Windows Server 2022, we concentrated on today’s world of hybrid cloud computing, mobile and telecommuter edge users, and progressively busy and untrusted networks. We wound up with a big brand-new brochure of choices for your company to remain efficient.

Mount up!

SMB Compression

Windows Server 2022 presents SMB compression, which diminishes files as they move over the network. Compressed files utilize less bandwidth and take less time to move, at the expense of somewhat increased CPU use throughout transfers. For files with compressible area, the cost savings can be big– enjoy my demonstration listed below of copying VHD files!

Narrated demonstration of SMB compression on Youtube

You configure this function with Windows Admin Center or PowerShell, and you can set compression on SMB shares, customer mapped drives, customers, servers, and even on specific file copies utilizing robocopy. SMB compression is most efficient on networks with less bandwidth, such as a customer’s 1Gbps ethernet or Wi-Fi network. It supports your preferred SMB choices like SMB finalizing, file encryption, and multichannel. Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 both have this brand-new ability.

This is a video game altering function in a world where files and are larger than ever on networks that are fuller than ever.

SMB Security

We included a raft of brand-new SMB security functions in Windows Server 2022 for usage with client-server situations along with failover clustering and high speed RDMA networking. Security is ever developing and besides the brand-new alternatives listed below, we have extra security functions coming retroactively to Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

Windows Admin Center and the SMB settings for file encryption and finalizing


SMB file encryption secures your information from reading off the network. Windows Server 2022 now supports AES-256- GCM and AES-256- CCM, in addition to the main AES-128 file encryption utilized today. This isn’t some ramification that AES security is flawed– there are no useful attacks that would enable somebody without an essential to decrypt AES-128 and none fairly anticipated, in spite of what the quantum computing marketing folks would have you think– it’s to guarantee that we satisfied requireds like FIPS 197, NSA Suite B Cryptography, and others needed by supersecret networks. We still utilize AES-128 by default for efficiency factors and let you decide into 256 bits with group policy and management tools. Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 have this brand-new ability.

Accelerated finalizing

SMB finalizing avoids damaging information on the network, along with relay, interception, and spoofing attacks. With Windows Server 2022, we included AES- GMAC velocity to finalizing, implying enhanced AES-NI hardware unloading offered by CPUs. When 2 AES-128- GMAC makers are signing SMB and performing at least Nehalem processors– i.e., more recent than 12 years of ages– you’ll see the latency of signed SMB truly drop and move speeds enhance, specifically on hectic processors. For more details on finalizing, take a look at Configure SMB Signing with Confidence Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 have this brand-new ability.

SMB Direct and RDMA file encryption

SMB Direct and RDMA supply high bandwidth, low latency networking material for work like Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Replica, Hyper-V, Scale-out File Server, and MS SQL server. Windows Server 2022 SMB Direct now supports file encryption. Formerly, making it possible for SMB file encryption handicapped direct information positioning; this was deliberate, however seriously affected efficiency. Now we secure information prior to positioning, causing far less efficiency deterioration while including AES-128 and AES-256 secured package personal privacy. Windows 11 Enterprise, Education, and Pro Workstation, in addition to Windows Server 2022, have this brand-new ability.

Failover Cluster East-West security control

Windows Server failover clusters utilize intra-node interactions circumstances for cluster shared volumes (CSV) and the storage bus layer (SBL). Windows Server 2022 now enables granular control of securing intra-node storage interactions for those networks beyond the “default” circumstances of SMB Server. This implies that when utilizing clusters and RDMA networks, you can choose to secure or sign east-west interactions within the cluster itself for greater security, however not always for north-south interactions like file copies or Hyper-V Live Migration– and the reverse. You can manage this with PowerShell presently, there’s more information at Security Settings for Failover Clustering Windows Server 2022 failover clusters have this brand-new ability.

Storage Migration Service

The Storage Migration Service moves servers, their storage, and their SMB config from old Windows and Linux to contemporary Windows Servers and clusters running on-prem or in Azure. You can now likewise move from NetApp FAS selections running NetApp ONTAP 9 or later on. The procedure is nearly similar to moving from an old Windows Server 2008 or 2012 device, other than that now you indicate a NetApp FAS and choose from its running CIFS SVMs, and you can move the information into folders on several volumes as NetApp storage does not have drive letters.

Furthermore, SMS now incorporates with Azure File Sync cloud tiering! AFS cloud tiering permits you to utilize less storage in your Windows File Server and tier your information into Azure for backups and included ransomware security.

Windows Admin Center and the Storage Migration Service allowing AFS sync on each volume

Applications should know AFS cloud tiering, though; when they copy a big information set and AFS states “hi, this volume is complete– please wait on me to dehydrate these old files into Azure,” the app needs to stop briefly IO. SMS comprehends this and you can set up AFS cloud tiering on your location so that the migration and AFS take place concurrently. For more information on AFS cloud tiering, see Understand Azure File Sync cloud tiering

Windows Admin Center and the Storage Migration Service ready to start a transfer with AFS made it possible for

For actions on SMS, see Use Storage Migration Service to move a server Windows Server 2022 and Windows Server 2019 with an upgrade both have this brand-new ability.

Storage and Networking

While not particular to File Services, the Networking, Hyper-V, and regional storage groups have actually been hectic including more efficiency choices for SMB and file servers to get on Windows Server2022 You’ll be setting up the brand-new standalone storage bus cache function based upon your drive setup; the networking functions are on by default and simply work!

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