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March 2-4, 2021


A Foreword by Frank X. Shaw

Once once again at Microsoft Ignite, we have a book’s worth of news about Microsoft Azure, Security, Microsoft 365, Power Platform and more.

This Book of News gets here in a various season however, as constantly, it is still your guide to all the statements we’re making, with all the information you’ve pertained to anticipate. Our standing objective is to make it simple for you to browse all the most recent info and get crucial information on the subjects you appreciate.

At this virtual occasion, we’ll invite more than 100,000 international guests including IT implementers and decision-makers, designers, information specialists, security experts and individuals from different markets to experience the current innovation– and get a peek at what’s coming.

We’re constantly concentrated on the progressing requirements of our clients and our news is reflective of that. As we have actually seen over the previous year, services are speeding up the digitization of every part of their companies. We’ve experienced innovation assist with curbside buying and pickup, telehealth, remote production, and empowering brand-new methods of working from house and even discussions like we’re doing at Ignite– and these abilities have actually counted on the general public cloud, which is developed on the financial investments that we and others have actually made over time. Much around us is altering, however we’re thankful to be able to share Microsoft Ignite with this neighborhood.

We have a terrific lineup and some interesting minutes prepared for Satya’s keynote, so I hope you can join us.

As constantly, send us your feedback! We would like to know if you are getting the info and context you require, and what we can do to make the experience even much better next time.


What is the Book of News?

The Microsoft Ignite 2021 Book of News is your guide to the essential news products that we are revealing at Ignite. To make the Book of News more interactive, we’ve developed a live website that we hope you will discover interesting and simple to browse. Rather of scrolling through pages of material, you now have the alternative to choose the products you have an interest in from the Table of Contents.

We’ve likewise included translation abilities to make the Book of News more available internationally. You can click above the Table of Contents to allow translation.

We hope the brand-new modifications will assist you get all the details, executive insight and context you require.

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1. AZURE 1.1 Azure AI

1.1.1 Semantic search ability in Azure Cognitive Search now in sneak peek

A brand-new semantic search ability in Azure Cognitive Search, an expert system (AI)- powered cloud search service for mobile and web app advancement, is now offered in sneak peek. This ability makes it possible for designers to provide outcomes based upon user intent instead of a keyword-based search, which is the market standard. Semantic search leverages a few of the most sophisticated natural language designs to enhance significance and ranking of search results page. It utilizes principle matching, synonym search and other methods to provide a more customized search experience for users.

In addition, a brand-new SharePoint adapter makes it much easier to consume and check out SharePoint material within Azure Cognitive Search.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.1.2 Azure Form Recognizer includes sneak peek of information extraction and brand-new languages

Form Recognizer, an Azure Cognitive Service, is presenting assistance for pre-built recognition files (IDs) and billing extraction, plus the capability to check out information in 64 extra languages (raising the overall to 73).

The brand-new pre-built IDs include will make it possible for automatic extraction of information from around the world passports and motorist’s licenses, assisting consumers prevent manual information entry and enhancing services like electronic banking deals and hotel registration.

Data extraction from billings will even more assist clients extract text, key-value sets and tables from files to produce structured information that shows the relationships in the initial file without manual information labeling or extensive coding.

Language assistance will broaden to 73 this month from the existing 9: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch (all typically readily available), and Simplified Chinese and Japanese (in sneak peek).

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.1.3 Azure Machine Learning includes sneak peek of hybrid assistance and other abilities

Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML), an enterprise-grade service that assists clients develop and release designs quickly, has a number of brand-new abilities.

Azure Arc now supports Azure ML. Consumers can register to access the sneak peek today. More info on this statement can be discovered in the Azure Hybrid, Azure Infra, Azure Migrate area.

Support for massive, interactive information preparation in Azure ML, backed by Azure Synapse Spark, is now readily available in sneak peek. This builds on just recently launched abilities for information specialists operating in Azure Synapse to flawlessly work together with information researchers utilizing Azure ML. Information researchers can now prepare information and do function engineering on huge information straight from Azure ML note pads, conserving time and enhancing workflows.

Azure Percept, a household of gadgets and services, is now offered in sneak peek. Azure Percept powers real-time insights at the edge through hardware accelerators incorporated with Azure ML and Azure Cognitive Services. More details on this statement can be discovered in the Azure IoT area.

Learn more about these updates.

1.2 Azure Data

1.2.1 Azure analytics and governance updates support much faster, more reputable insights

Multiple updates to Azure’s analytics tools are now offered. These updates are created for much easier consumer implementations, increased dependability, cross-platform abilities and much deeper insight. Azure’s analytics tools assist companies remain active in a significantly complicated market.
  • With the launch of Azure Synapse Pathway, clients can streamline and speed up moving from a tradition or cloud information storage facility to Azure Synapse Analytics by offering automated translation of existing company reasoning. Azure Synapse is an endless analytics service that combines information combination, business information warehousing and huge information analytics to supply real-time information insights. This downloadable tool allows clients to gain access to resources such as SQL Server, Netezza and Snowflake, with Teradata, BigQuery, Redshift and others coming quickly. This enables automated translation of more than 100,000 lines of SQL code in minutes, getting rid of among the primary difficulties in migration.
  • Azure Stream Analytics, now typically offered, has actually been upgraded to offer assistance for single renter committed clusters. Azure Stream Analytics Dedicated supplies single occupant hosting for increased dependability without any sound from other occupants. Client resources are “separated” and carry out much better throughout bursts in traffic.
  • Multiple updates are readily available for Azure Purview, a combined information governance service that helps with the mapping and control of organizational information no matter where it lives– on-premises, in multicloud or software-as-a-service (SaaS). Azure Purview is incorporated with Microsoft Information Protection, which indicates the exact same level of sensitivity labels specified in Microsoft 365 Compliance Center can be used.
    • Azure Purview’s capability to instantly scan and categorize information living in AWS Simple Storage Services (S3), SAP ECC, SAP S4/HANA and Oracle Database is now readily available in sneak peek. With this upgrade, consumers can instantly scan and categorize information living within different on-premises information shops utilizing the Azure Purview Data Map. In addition, this information can now be found throughout the company.
    • Azure Purview’s capability to scan Azure Synapse Analytics work spaces is now readily available in sneak peek. With this upgrade, consumers can find and govern information throughout their serverless and devoted SQL swimming pools in Azure Synapse work areas. This broadens on Azure Purview’s existing tools, making it possible for clients to scan information throughout numerous sources by means of out-of-the-box adapters in the Data Map.

Learn more about these updates.

1.2.2 Azure Cache for Redis, now normally offered, supports circulation of Redis circumstances throughout areas

The Enterprise and Enterprise Flash tiers of Azure Cache for Redis are now normally offered. Azure Cache for Redis is an open source in-memory information shop that is utilized as a database, cache and message broker. It supplies a quickly, handled caching layer that can assist allow an app’s architecture to manage countless synchronised users. The Enterprise tiers of Azure Cache for Redis broaden upon existing item abilities by including effective functions such as real-time search and time-series abilities, along with as much as 10 times bigger cache sizes.

Users of these tiers can likewise now utilize active geo-replication, a brand-new function now in sneak peek, to disperse a Redis circumstances throughout areas. This function allows the production of international caches with multiprimary composes– information composed in one area will be instantly used to each other area. This performance is developed to develop architectures with as much as 99.999% accessibility.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.2.3 Four brand-new updates for Azure Cosmos DB are now normally readily available or in sneak peek

Four brand-new updates for Azure Cosmos DB are now offered to assist consumers construct or improve scalable, high-performance apps. These updates make it possible for cloud-native and real-time analytics through the normally readily available combination with Azure Synapse Link. The sneak peek of extra functions will provide consumers improved security, control, versatility and precision.
  • Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB is now usually readily available. Azure Synapse Link for Cosmos DB makes it possible for cloud-native and near-real-time analytics to be run over the NoSQL information in Azure Cosmos DB, consisting of MongoDB. Azure Synapse Link breaks down the barrier that has actually long existed in between online transactional processing( OLTP) and online analytical processing( OLAP) systems by connecting Azure Cosmos DB to Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Mongo v4.0 server assistance in Azure Cosmos DB API for Mongo DB is now usually readily available. Mongo v4.0 server assistance in Azure Cosmos DP API for Mongo DB makes it easy for designers to utilize the database for mistake handling with multidocument deal assistance and retriable composes. It likewise provides users more versatility to procedure information, with assistance for lots of brand-new aggregation operators, and makes it much easier for designers utilizing MongoDB v4.0 to move to Azure Cosmos DB. Consumers can now gain from the extended deal assistance currently in Core API to MongoDB information by more quickly modeling transactional service reasoning without the intricacies of error-handling reasoning.
  • Azure Cosmos DB Continuous Backup and Point-in-Time is now offered in sneak peek. This supplies continuous backups and allows consumers to recuperate and bring back information from any point within the past 30 days. Constant backup and point-in-time repair mean clients do not need to stress over unexpected modifications (such as composes and erases) to their databases or containers. If an undesirable modification or mistake occurs, they can restore their information to its previous state.
  • Cosmos DB role-based gain access to control (RBAC), now offered in sneak peek, offers consumers with improved security for information in Azure. The intro of RBAC with Azure Active Directory (Azure advertisement) combination allows consumers to appoint “functions” to users and applications, which offers a granular, distinct method to manage information gain access to from users and applications. Consumers can identify the identity utilized to carry out a database operation by obtaining the details in diagnostic logs.

Learn more about these updates.

1.2.4 Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra launched in sneak peek

Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra, a brand-new semimanaged service offering, is now offered in sneak peek. This service will allow companies to run more of their Cassandra NoSQL information on Azure, eliminating the requirement for database administrators and designers to handle facilities or handle and upgrade their variation of Cassandra.

Previously, clients have actually dealt with plain options for their Cassandra information: major migration to platform-as-a-service ( Azure Cosmos DB), self-managed virtual devices or self-managed on-premises facilities. With the intro of Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra, consumers can now select the very best cloud alternative for their information work.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.3 Azure Datacenters

1.3.1 Microsoft including datacenter area in China; Azure Resource Mover now typically offered

To fulfill growing consumer need in China, Microsoft will develop a brand-new datacenter area in northern China. The brand-new area will allow more clients to innovate and team up with the Microsoft Cloud, consisting of Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Power BI.

Azure Resource Mover, which offers mobility in between Azure areas and is special to the Azure platform, is now typically readily available. Azure Resource Mover enables brand-new consumers to develop applications in existing areas and move them upon brand-new area launch or move into areas with schedule zones (AZs) if not prepared for their area. Azure Resource Mover moves several resources amongst Azure areas and carries out reliance analysis for the work to guarantee an effective relocation.

Learn more about the brand-new datacenter area and Azure Resource Mover

1.4 Azure Dev and Ecosystem

1.4.1 Azure Communication Services to be normally offered, with Microsoft Teams interoperability in sneak peek

Azure Communication Services, the very first completely handled interaction platform offering from a significant cloud service provider, will end up being usually offered in the next couple of weeks. Azure Communication Services is likewise now interoperable with Microsoft Teams in sneak peek, making it possible for consumers to utilize a unified offering for both internal and external interaction experiences. Staff members benefit from the security, familiarity and ability of Teams, and external users can delight in a custom-made interaction experience on a web or mobile app outside the company. This is perfect for numerous business-to-consumer circumstances, such as health care experts providing remote care, monetary consultants assisting customers with a loan application or assistance personnel assisting end users set up a brand-new item.

Azure Communication Services supplies designers with a set of libraries to assist incorporate voice, video, text and information interaction. This allows circumstances such as browser-to-browser, browser-to-app and app-to-app interaction; users communicating with bots or other services; and users and bots engaging over the general public changed telephone network. Azure Communication Services was initially presented in sneak peek in September 2020.

In addition, business can now provide conversational expert system (AI) experiences over a standard phone line with Azure Bot Service’s brand-new telephone systems channel, powered by Azure Communication Services. When combined with effective AI abilities from Azure Cognitive Services, business can use smooth natural language and speech interaction to end users compared to standard Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offerings.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.4.2 Autoscale for Azure Spring Cloud and Managed Virtual Network now typically offered

Two associated Azure Spring Cloud includes– Managed Virtual Network and Autoscale– are now normally offered. Azure Spring Cloud is a completely handled service for Spring Boot apps that assists clients concentrate on structure apps to run their organizations without the inconvenience of handling facilities.

Customers who look for included security can release Azure Spring Cloud in a Managed Virtual Network to separate apps from the web or location them within their own business networks. This lets consumers manage incoming and outgoing network interactions for Azure Spring Cloud and makes it possible for Azure Spring Cloud to engage with systems in on-premises datacenters or Azure services in virtual networks.

Autoscale for Azure Spring Cloud makes it possible for consumers to be more efficient and cost-effective by instantly scaling apps up or down based upon system load or schedule, decreasing tension on underlying facilities. Both functions are totally supported with service-level arrangement (SLA) dedication at basic accessibility. They were initially provided in sneak peek in September 2020, when Azure Spring Cloud was made normally offered. In addition, Azure Spring Cloud has actually been broadened to 7 more Azure areas, bringing the overall to 18.

The upgrade likewise consists of the basic schedule of the following functions:

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.4.3 Developer Velocity Assessment tool updates and brand-new market report assistance companies comprehend digital preparedness

A brand-new report consisting of extensive market findings to assist speed up software application improvement is now readily available. In parallel, updates to Microsoft’s Developer Velocity Assessment tool to assist companies comprehend their digital preparedness are now offered.

The report is based upon a research study performed in 2020 in collaboration with McKinsey & Co. and consists of 8 crucial knowings for companies. It is stemmed from thorough research study with 3 monetary business and 2 sellers. The Developer Velocity Assessment tool updates consist of a survey that produces a comprehensive report with the client’s Developer Velocity Index rating; broadened app modernization and remote work evaluations; and customized suggestions to speed up digital change, enhance company efficiency and close any spaces.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.4.4 New options for running Java EE applications on Azure now readily available

New options for running Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications on Azure are now offered in the Azure Marketplace and on Microsoft Docs. Clients can now utilize Azure Marketplace provides and automated scripts to release Oracle WebLogic Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Liberty/Open Liberty on Azure. Consumers will now have higher option and versatility to move their Java EE apps to the cloud with deals collectively supported by Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

Customers can release WebLogic on Azure Virtual Machines or utilize verified Kubernetes operators to release WebLogic and WebSphere on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and WebSphere on Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO). These services make it simple to get up and running, while enabling a high degree of control and modification.

Learn more about these updates for WebLogic and WebSphere on Azure.

1.4.5. Internet Upgrade Assistant now readily available in sneak peek

The.NET Upgrade Assistant is now offered in sneak peek. The.NET Upgrade Assistant assists designers move big, mission-critical. Internet Framework-based Windows applications to the modern-day, cross-platform, high-performance advancement platforms .NET Core 3.1 or.NET 5. The.NET Upgrade Assistant merges formerly disjointed porting tools and offers detailed directions to assist designers upgrade with confidence. It has actually been launched as an open-source task in addition to a.NET international tool NuGet bundle.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.4.6 Private Azure Marketplace now usually readily available

Private Azure Marketplace, a service that makes it possible for administrators to govern which third-party services their users can access in Azure market, is now usually offered. Organizations can utilize this service to make sure that just provides that abide by their policies and guidelines are released and utilized by the company’s users. A sneak peek of this service was revealed in September 2020.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.4.7 Visual Studio 2019 variation 16.9 usually offered; variation 16.10 sneak peek 1 in sneak peek

Visual Studio 2019 variation 16.9, now normally offered, features brand-new improvements for C++ advancement,. Internet efficiency, Git tooling, web tooling and XAML efficiency.

Visual Studio 2019 variation 16.10 sneak peek 1, now readily available in sneak peek, offers extra performances for C++ advancement and.NET diagnostics and debugging.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.5 Azure Hybrid, Azure Infra, Azure Migrate

1.5.1 Azure Arc updates now readily available

Azure Arc, launched in 2015, is getting numerous essential updates. Azure Arc is a set of innovations that allow streamlined management, faster app advancement and constant Azure services anywhere. Consumers require the capability to run applications throughout on-premises datacenters, numerous clouds and edge gadgets.
  • Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes is now typically readily available. Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes enables companies to link, handle and govern any Kubernetes cluster throughout datacenters, multicloud and edge from Azure. Clients can release a typical set of Kubernetes setups to all their clusters, right from the Azure Portal, regularly and at scale. Azure Arc likewise makes it possible for designers to centrally code and release applications firmly to any Kubernetes cluster in any place utilizing GitOps.
  • Azure Arc-enabled artificial intelligence is now in sneak peek, indicating clients can innovate with Azure Machine Learning to target any Kubernetes cluster for design training, on-premises, in multicloud and at the edge. Organizations can take advantage of their existing Kubernetes facilities financial investments to lower expense and boost functional effectiveness as they extend maker finding out to run near to where the information lives and autoscale calculate anywhere. In addition, Azure Arc offers management, consistency and dependability so that all resources can be handled through a single unified pane. With an easy one-click release of the maker discovering representative, information researchers and designers can develop designs utilizing familiar tools in Azure Machine Learning, without needing to find out Kubernetes. All designs, regardless of where they were constructed, can be saved and tracked in a main area in Azure Machine Learning for sharing, reproducibility and audit compliance. Beginning today, clients can register here to access the sneak peek.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.5.2 New abilities for Azure Automanage, now in sneak peek, to streamline operations for Windows Server VMs

New abilities have actually been contributed to Azure Automanage to streamline operations for Windows Server virtual devices (VMs). Azure Automanage, which is now in sneak peek, assists consumers minimize everyday management jobs with automated operations throughout the whole lifecycle of VMs in Azure. With Automanage, IT admins can handle their VMs with point-and-click simpleness, separately or at scale.

New abilities in Azure Automanage for Windows Server assistance consumers make it possible for rebootless security patching for brand-new Windows Server VMs. These brand-new improvements enable the release of security spots in seconds, assisting safeguard servers versus vital risks.

For clients who wish to automate management of other work, Azure Automanage has actually been broadened to Linux. With this sneak peek, Azure Automanage will now support significant Linux circulations.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.5.3 Updates for Azure Backup support information security at scale

Updates for Azure Backup, which offers information security abilities for business-critical work in an easy, safe and economical way, are now offered.

Backup Center, now normally offered, makes it possible for central backup management for Azure Virtual Machines, SQL in Azure Virtual Machines, HANA in Azure VMs and Azure Files. Extra Backup assistance remains in sneak peek for Azure Disks, Azure Blobs and Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers.

With Backup Center, clients can get an aggregated view of their stock throughout memberships, places, resource groups, vaults and even renters utilizing Azure Lighthouse. The smooth combination with Azure Policy and recently included abilities for tag-based Azure Policies allows governance at scale and streamlines tracking for compliance. Consumers can likewise keep an eye on tasks, filter based upon operation type and more take advantage of backup reports for richer insights. Backup Center likewise offers details on resources not yet set up for backup.

Azure Backup now likewise uses archive assistance for Azure VMs and SQL server operating on Azure VMs by means of PowerShell in minimal sneak peek. Users of this function can conserve by saving backups in lower-cost archive storage tiers.

Learn more about these updates.

1.5.4 New Azure Compute abilities for running mission-critical applications are now readily available

Several brand-new Azure Compute updates have actually been launched in sneak peek to assist clients scale and handle the implementation of business-critical applications in the cloud, while making sure high levels of resiliency, security and efficiency. These releases broaden Azure’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) portfolio:
  • On-demand capability appointments for Azure Virtual Machines will be readily available in sneak peek in April. On-demand capability appointments for Azure Virtual Machines make it possible for clients to gain access to virtual devices (VMs) ahead of time with service-level contract ( SLA) warranties. This is especially crucial to companies that wish to make sure high levels of schedule when running business-critical applications on Azure.
  • Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets versatile orchestration mode is now readily available in sneak peek. Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets aid clients streamline the implementation, management and scalability of their applications while increasing high accessibility. Consumers might now alter VM sizes without redeploying their scale set, leading to higher functional dexterity. Consumers will likewise have the ability to blend Spot Virtual Machines and pay-as-you-go VMs within the very same scale set to enhance expenses.
  • New Mv2 Azure Virtual Machines for memory extensive work are now offered in sneak peek, offering clients a 20% boost in CPU efficiency plus access to more VM sizes. Clients will have the ability to release the exact same VMs to Azure Dedicated Hosts. These offerings broaden the variety of work that consumers can run in Azure while attending to particular organizational compliance requirements. Devoted Hosts likewise use personal computing abilities, making it possible for consumers to develop safe and secure enclave-based applications to secure their code and information while it’s in usage.
  • Azure Cloud Services extended assistance is now readily available in sneak peek. Azure Cloud Services extended assistance is a brand-new Azure Resource Manager (ARM)- based implementation design for Azure Cloud Services, which offers local resiliency along with function parity with Azure Cloud Services released utilizing Azure Service Manager ( ASM). This brand-new implementation design likewise provides some ARM abilities, such as role-based gain access to control (RBAC), tags and policy, and likewise supports release design templates. This upgrade was initially revealed in January 2021.

Learn more about these updates.

1.5.5 New Azure Disk Storage abilities for running mission-critical applications now in sneak peek

Several Azure Disk Storage item improvements for running mission-critical applications on Azure are now offered in sneak peek, consisting of:
  • Azure Premium SSD and Standard SSD, which provide zone-redundant storage (ZRS) assistance to safeguard information in the occasion of a zone failure, a crucial function to supply clients with high schedule for mission-critical work. Disks with ZRS likewise offer a healing point goal (RPO) of absolutely no that lessens information loss and assists guarantee effective information healing.
  • Performance tiers on Azure Premium SSD, which offer continual greater efficiency for a prepared occasion like a seasonal sales promo, providing consumers the versatility to scale efficiency without increasing the disk size by picking a greater efficiency tier. Consumers can now update efficiency tiers on Premium SSDs with no downtime to prevent disturbance to their work.
  • Auto-key rotation of customer-managed secrets, which offers clients the alternative to instantly upgrade all their disks, photos and images utilizing the exact same file encryption secret when a brand-new variation of a secret is produced. Clients no longer require to by hand upgrade all their Azure resources and can guarantee that their information is constantly protected with the current crucial variations which they fulfill their company’s security and compliance requirements.

Learn more about these updates.

1.5.6 Azure Migration tools, services and assistance broadened

A broadened set of Azure migration tools and services to assist consumers shift their services to the cloud has actually been launched:
  • Azure Migration Program (AMP), which offers professional help to streamline cloud migration, will provide expanded assistance for application modernization circumstances in the coming weeks. AMP will support modernization of popular web apps, including.NET, Java and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) apps. These apps can be updated to a client’s option of calculate (i.e., Azure Kubernetes Service or Azure App Service) and database (i.e., Azure SQL or MySQL or PostgreSQL). This growth develops on existing assistance for moving datacenter facilities, databases and virtual desktop facilities, consequently allowing protection for an abundant set of migration and modernization situations covering applications, facilities and information.
  • FastTrack for Azure, a technical enablement program that aids with implementation of cloud services, now provides brand-new services: 1) Accelerating production implementations for cloud native applications so consumers can get release finest practices for Kubernetes, OpenShift, serverless and event-driven work; and 2) Support for Hybrid/Azure Arc implementations beginning with servers.
  • Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, a collection of documents, assistance and tools to assist consumers accelerate their cloud adoption, has actually included brand-new finest practice assistance on embracing hybrid and multicloud techniques. This brand-new assistance makes it possible for clients to benefit from the advantages of hybrid and multicloud adoption while likewise making sure constant security, governance and compliance throughout the board.
  • Azure Migrate, the main center of Azure cloud migration services and tools, provides 3 brand-new abilities, now in sneak peek. These brand-new abilities enable clients to find and evaluate their SQL servers and databases for migration to Azure from within the Azure Migrate website. The center likewise now consists of an app containerization tool, with assistance for ASP.NET and Java web applications, to assist consumers move applications to containers working on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). The brand-new Azure PowerShell module includes assistance for the Server Migration tool’s agentless technique of moving VMware virtual makers (VMs) to Azure.
  • Azure Migrate’s merged discovery and evaluation abilities for Windows, Linux and SQL server now permit clients to find and examine their SQL servers for migration to Azure and their databases from within the Azure Migrate website.
  • The brand-new Azure Migrate Azure PowerShell module is now readily available in sneak peek. Azure Migrate Azure PowerShell has actually included assistance for the Server Migration tool’s agentless technique of moving VMware VMs to Azure. Consumers can now set up and handle duplication of servers to Azure and move them to Azure VMs utilizing Azure PowerShell cmdlets in an automated, repeatable way.

Learn more about these updates.

1.5.7 Updates for Azure Monitor now readily available

New abilities have actually been launched for Azure Monitor, which supplies an abundant set of enterprise-ready abilities to make sure clients have total observability of their hybrid environment, while making the most of accessibility, dependability and efficiency.

For Azure Monitor application insights, clients composing Node.js apps on Linux App Services can now onboard to Application Insights for application tracking, without making any code modifications, utilizing auto-instrumentation.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.5.8 New Azure Networking updates now offered

New improvements and performances are offered throughout Azure Networking services:
  • Azure load stabilizing alternatives are offered this month. Azure load stabilizing choices consist of a directed experience to assist consumers select the load balancing alternatives that match their architectural and application requirements. Azure Load Balancer, now usually offered, supports load balancing throughout IP addresses in the backend swimming pool. Formerly, network user interfaces related to virtual makers ( VMs) might be included just in the backend of a Load Balancer. This function makes it possible for versatility to load balance throughout containers in addition to VMs and VM scale sets connected with their load balancer.
  • Azure Public IP SKU upgrade is now usually offered. Azure Public IP SKU enables consumers to update and maintain the exact same IPs without management overhead or notifications to their end consumers and now supports the capability to update from Basic to Standard SKU In addition, any Basic Public Load Balancer can now be updated to a Standard Public Load Balancer, while maintaining the very same public IP address. This is supported through PowerShell, command line user interface (CLI) design templates and API, and is readily available throughout all Azure areas.
  • Azure Networking routing choice, which lets Azure clients select how their traffic is routed in between Azure and the web, is now normally offered. Azure clients can select to enhance for efficiency (Microsoft network) or expense (ISP network/open web). These choices are likewise described as “cold potato routing” and “hot potato routing,” respectively. Egress information transfer cost differs based upon the routing choice. This upgrade will offer consumers more versatility to enhance their underlying routing network for efficiency or expense on a per work basis. Azure routing choice had actually been formerly launched in sneak peek

Additionally, there are 2 network security updates now readily available in sneak peek.

  • Azure Front Door is now offered in sneak peek. Azure Front Door has actually been updated to supply safe and secure cloud material shipment network (CDN) service with incorporated smart security abilities making it possible for cybersecurity groups to secure and speed up apps, APIs, sites and content shipment in simply a couple of clicks.
  • Azure Firewall Premium has actually been updated with next-generation firewall software, now readily available in sneak peek, which supplies improved security with invasion, detection and avoidance system abilities needed for extremely delicate and regulated environments.

Learn more about these updates.

1.5.9 New Azure Hybrid Networking updates readily available

Multiple brand-new Azure services and functions to make it possible for consumer hybrid networking situations are now readily available or coming quickly, consisting of:
  • Azure Route Server, now readily available for sneak peek, assists in vibrant routing in between network virtual home appliance (NVA) and virtual networks. By developing the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering in between an NVA and Azure Router Server, clients can inject IP addresses (i.e., paths) from their NVA to their virtual network and let the NVA discover what IP addresses their virtual network has. Azure Route Server is a completely handled service with integrated high schedule.
  • ExpressRoute IPv6 Support, to be launched to sneak peek later on this month, will support both IPv4- and IPv6-based personal peering in schedule zones (AZs). IPv6 will make it possible for essential web of things (IoT) situations. It will streamline business’ migration or growth to Azure even as they lack IPv4 addresses in their on-premises network.
  • New ExpressRoute Gateway metrics are now readily available for sneak peek. ExpressRoute Gateway metrics make it possible for users to keep an eye on the count of paths discovered, count of paths promoted, variety of virtual makers (VMs) in the virtual network and frequency of paths altered for their ExpressRoute entrances, and established informs to handle capability appropriately.
  • New ExpressRoute Portal Experience, now typically readily available, permits users to have a more total peering and Global Reach setup experience in Azure Portal.
  • Azure Virtual WAN now uses combination with VMware SD-WAN in sneak peek. This permits consumers to link all branch workplaces and remote places to Azure through VMWare SD-WAN. Users can now handle last-mile connection and vibrant course optimization through VMWare SD-WAN and utilize worldwide connection, routing intelligence and security through Azure Virtual WAN, gaining from a total Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) service.
  • Virtual WAN Remote User VPN Features are now readily available in sneak peek. Virtual WAN Remote User VPN Features make it possible for 100,000 remote users to link to a Virtual WAN center in an area (increased from the previous 10,000 limitation). It will permit remote users to confirm utilizing any mix of Certificates, Azure Active Directory and Radius Servers. It likewise uses custom-made IPsec specifications for remote user VPN. It will link numerous Radius servers to a single Virtual WAN Hub for Remote User authentication.
  • Scalable Bastion Gateway will be launched in sneak peek later on this month. Scalable Bastion Gateway will permit users to increase the size of Bastion entrance to support as numerous as 500 concurrent sessions and reduce the entrance size when the use need decreases. Bastion will support native Azure Active Directory (Azure advertisement) authentication combination for Linux VMs released on Azure.
  • Advanced VPN diagnostic functions, consisting of Packet Capture, the BGP Dashboard and VPN Connection functions, will be launched in sneak peek this month. Package Capture assists consumers repair their connection concerns and examine the traffic streaming through their VPN entrances. The BGP Dashboard offers an all-up view for consumers to see their path exchange in between Azure and their on-premises networks. VPN Connection functions (Reset, Show SA, Modes) permit consumers to have fine-grained control and exposure to their VPN tunnels for tracking, repairing and management.

Learn more about this upgrade.

1.5.10 Windows Server 2022 is now readily available in sneak peek

Windows Server 2022, now offered in sneak peek, makes it possible for clients to run existing and brand-new business-critical applications with self-confidence on Azure, on-premises and at the edge

Windows Server 2022 presents sophisticated multilayer security, hybrid abilities with Azure and a versatile application platform. As part of this release, Windows Server is getting secured-core abilities to protect systems that would run work on Windows Server2022 Secured-core server develops on innovations such as Windows Defender System Guard and Virtualization-based Security to decrease danger from firmware vulnerabilities and advanced malware. The brand-new release likewise offers guaranteed connection by presenting a number of brand-new abilities such as faster and more protected encrypted HTTPS connections and market basic SMB AES 256 file encryption. Windows Server 2022 enhances hybrid server management and has actually an improved occasion audience and numerous more brand-new abilities in Windows Admin. This release consists of enhancements to Windows containers, such as smaller sized image size for faster download, streamlined network policy application and containerization tools for.NET applications.

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1.6 Azure IoT

1.6.1 Azure IoT updates readily available and coming quickly

Updates are now offered and coming quickly for Azure IoT, a collection of services and abilities that fulfill consumers where they are, from the edge to the cloud. Azure IoT consists of security and os for gadgets and devices, together with information and analytics that assist organizations develop, release and handle web of things (IoT) applications. The following updates are now offered or coming quickly, as shown:
  • Device Update for Azure IoT Hub, now offered in sneak peek in the western United States, Asia and Europe, allows automated updates to assist keep IoT gadgets existing and protected. Consumers can utilize this end-to-end platform to run, preserve and upgrade IoT gadgets at scale, minimizing advancement and upkeep expenses. It makes it possible for clients to release, disperse and handle over-the-air updates for whatever from small sensing unit gadgets to gateway-level modules. It likewise scans updates for malware and permits a gadget to confirm their stability and supplies numerous management controls and reporting abilities.
  • NXP Semiconductors N.V. revealed today that it is establishing a brand-new microprocessor constructed with Azure Sphere, a platform created to allow more protected linked gadgets. The chip will be offered in sneak peek in November 2021 and will end up being usually readily available in early2022 This news was initially revealed in June2019 This brand-new chip, the “NXP i.MX 8ULP SoloLite-SA constructed with Azure Sphere and NXP i.MX 9 multi-chip series,” is implied to empower any company to develop extremely protected IoT gadgets. It consists of a secured-by-design method to the silicon, that includes the Microsoft Pluton security subsystem, and layers security through the protected Azure Sphere running system, as much as the cloud-based Azure Sphere Security Service. It likewise supplies continuous updates and security enhancements for the life time of the gadget.

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1.6.2 Azure Percept, AI-powered household of edge gadgets and services, now in sneak peek

Azure Percept, an extensive, user friendly and safe and secure platform developed to assist clients construct, use and run expert system (AI) designs in lower-power edge electronic cameras and audio gadgets, is now offered in sneak peek. Azure Percept powers real-time insights at the edge through hardware accelerators developed to incorporate perfectly with Azure AI and Azure web of things (IoT) services. The mix of hardware, pre-built AI designs and Azure services makes it possible for usages like things detection, rack analytics, anomaly detection and keyword identifying at the edge.

Azure Percept Studio streamlines AI lifecycle management at the edge with tools for designers, consisting of a library of pre-built Azure AI designs for things detection, rack analytics, safe and secure areas, lorry analytics, command and control, and more. Clients with low-code or no-code experience can rapidly personalize, train and release AI designs in your area or in the cloud. Information stays safe and secure whether in transit or at rest with layers of security for Azure Percept edge work and designs. Absolutely no Trust makes sure that gadget security posture is constantly kept an eye on and governed. Information is secured utilizing Azure Percept’s AI design lifecycle management for safe gain access to anywhere through licensed systems.

Azure Percept works out of package with Azure AI, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Live Video Analytics, and is incorporated with Azure IoT services. The household consists of:

  • Azure Percept DK, a deployment-ready advancement package with a provider board, installing tools and Azure Percept Vision, a camera-enabled system on module (SOM) for fast scenario-based personalization.
  • Azure Percept Audio, a voice-enabled SOM with a four-microphone direct selection that can allow voice activation and client commands on regional microphone-enabled gadgets.
  • Azure Percept Studio, a total detailed platform that combines AI tooling, Azure IoT services, gadget provisioning and edge AI lifecycle management at the edge.

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1.7 Azure Mixed Reality

1.7.1 Mixed-reality services Azure Remote Rendering and Azure Object Anchors now offered

Mixed-reality services Azure Remote Render and Azure Object Anchors are now offered.
  • Azure Remote Rendering, now typically readily available, renders intricate designs in the cloud and streams them in genuine time to gadgets. This service brings top quality 3D material and interactive experiences to mixed-reality gadgets, such as HoloLens 2, allowing users to connect and team up with extremely detailed 3D material. Bentley Systems is leveraging Remote Rendering-based immersive procedures to picture facilities properties from another location to decrease time invested, lower expenses, enhance security and reduce traffic interruptions. Other partners consisting of HoloLab Inc. and BIM Holoview have actually leveraged Remote Rendering to develop applications to picture high-fidelity makings of 3D computer-aided style (CAD) designs for the engineering and building markets.
  • Azure Object Anchors is now offered in sneak peek. Azure Object Anchors leverages 3D designs of items, trains in the cloud utilizing expert system (AI) and utilizes the skilled design to make it possible for holographic positioning to physical items. With Object Anchors, designers can make it possible for automated positioning without making use of markers– conserving cash, minimizing mistakes intrinsic in manual positioning and enhancing general user experience.

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1.7.2 New mixed-reality platform Microsoft Mesh makes it possible for collective experiences

New mixed-reality platform Microsoft Mesh powers collective experiences with a sensation of existence– indicating users seem like they are physically present with one another even when they are not. Individuals can communicate with 3D material or engage with one another through Mesh-enabled apps throughout any platform or gadget– consisting of Microsoft HoloLens, virtual truth (VR) headsets, smart devices, tablets or PCs.

Microsoft Mesh can be utilized to:

  • Collaborate, produce and interact;-LRB-
  • Help each other fix issues;-LRB-
  • Train together from anywhere; and
  • Design brand-new things.

Microsoft Mesh is developed to link individuals throughout a variety of gadgets and platforms as they engage with blended truth, allowing them to take part and produce as one through immersive experiences. Users will have the ability to link as avatars or as holographic variations of themselves, construct a typical understanding with shared 3D material and take advantage of a typical identity throughout platforms, all powered by the enterprise-grade security of the Azure cloud. Clients can download the Microsoft Mesh app for HoloLens 2, now readily available in sneak peek, and demand access to the AltSpaceVR app with brand-new abilities for work.

For designers, Microsoft Mesh streamlines and accelerates app advancement with easy-to-integrate modules to allow existence and cooperation in their mixed-reality applications. Designers can sign up with the Mixed Reality Developer Program to get updates.

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1.8 Windows Virtual Desktop

1.8.1 Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop gets updates, will be usually offered in the next couple of weeks

Updates are now offered for Windows Virtual Desktop, which offers a special virtual desktop facilities option with abilities that consist of enhanced release tools, security improvement and combination with Microsoft Teams. Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop, which will be typically offered in the next couple of weeks, offers a central view with all the tracking insights and visualizations required to debug and fix problems and run at scale. With the most recent updates, consumers can:
  • View a summary of host swimming pool status and health;-LRB-
  • Find and fix issues in the implementation;-LRB-
  • Understand and address user feedback; and
  • Understand usage of resources and make choices on scaling and expense management.

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2. SERVICE APPLICATIONS 2.1 Dynamics 365

2.1.1 New combinations in between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams make organization procedures more collective and available

New and upgraded abilities in between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams make procedures more collective and available. These brand-new combinations, offered now unless kept in mind, can improve workflows throughout a company as follows:
  • Sales: Sellers can track profession motions of contacts utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator, in addition to link sales records to Microsoft Teams without leaving Dynamics 365 Sales. Assistance for tradition phone facilities suggests companies can utilize Teams to handle calls and gain access to other performance through a smooth user interface for Dynamics 365.
  • Marketing: Marketers can establish, promote and report on occasions hosted on Microsoft Teams straight from Dynamics 365 Marketing, supporting participant relationships throughout and after the occasion throughout several channels.
  • Customer service and field service: With access to Microsoft Teams chat ability straight from Dynamics 365 Customer Service, representatives can quickly discover and work together with the best subject-matter professional straight from the circulation of their work to quickly solve client concerns.
  • Commerce: Task management performance in Dynamics 365 Commerce enables supervisors and employees to produce job lists, handle project requirements and track job status with native combinations amongst Commerce back workplace, store and Microsoft Teams applications.
  • Human resources: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources will be offered later on this year straight within Microsoft Teams, offering staff members self-service gain access to that can maximize personnels (HR) personnel. Supervisors can quickly examine and authorize time-off demands with simply a couple of clicks.

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2.1.2 Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management being available in sneak peek

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management, a brand-new application developed to assist clients scale their order management procedures from consumption to shipment without changing their tradition business resource preparation (ERP) systems, will be offered in sneak peek in April 2021.

This configurable, rule-based, expert system (AI)- powered software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is created to assist sellers and durable goods business understand the omnichannel “purchase anywhere, satisfy anywhere” vision with simple onboarding and user experience.

With exception-based management, company users can change and alter any order course. The system discovers how business user responds to each exception and finds out to supply much better suggestions next time. This likewise assists to make sure optimum stock levels and enhance capital.

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2.1.3 Real-time tailored consumer experience abilities pertaining to Dynamics 365 Marketing in public sneak peek

Real-time tailored consumer experience abilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing will be readily available in public sneak peek in April.

These real-time customer-led journey orchestration abilities in Characteristics 365 Marketing assistance engage consumers based upon interactions throughout marketing, sales, commerce, consumer voice, digital occasions and service to win clients and make commitment quicker. Organization users can individualize experiences with expert system (AI) throughout digital and physical touchpoints and grow with a merged, versatile platform to make consumer experiences appropriate to their special organization.

Dynamics 365 Marketing makes it possible for company users to author carrying out material suggested by AI, backed by a smart digital possession management system to share, enhance and recycle material, linking to clients in their chosen channels and engaging consumers meaningfully at minutes that matter. Organization users can utilize Microsoft Teams to drive effective online partnership and support occasion participants into faithful clients. Together, these linked applications assist business customize a consumer’s journey and develop much deeper client relationships with more significant engagement throughout both digital and physical channels.

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2.2 Power Platform

2.2.1 Robotic procedure automation from Microsoft Power Automate now consisted of with Windows 10

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, which provides robotic procedure automation (RPA) abilities that quickly automate lengthy manual labor, will be offered to Windows 10 users at no extra expense.

Customers can download Power Automate Desktop at no extra expense and start producing automatic workflows in between apps and services to integrate files, get alerts, gather information and more. The low-code RPA ability in Power Automate Desktop was initially presented in 2020.

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2.2.2 New Power BI Premium architecture and functions now in sneak peek

The newest upgrade to Power BI Premium is now offered in sneak peek. This consists of architectural updates for across-the-board enhancements to efficiency, stability and security. Premium Gen 2 provides improvements for every single Power BI Premium client, consisting of:
  • Flexibility to accredit per user or per capability;-LRB-
  • Faster processing– as much as 16 x efficiency increase with Microsoft handled architecture;-LRB-
  • Autoscale to instantly include capability when required; and
  • Consistent and dependable expense management with usage metrics.

Power BI Premium makes it possible for experts and company information users to develop and examine organization intelligence (BI) reporting. For business and IT admins, the brand-new Power BI Premium uses significant enhancements in governance and scale with functions like Microsoft-owned resource management, usage metrics, autoscale and incorporated security.

In addition, the sneak peek catalog release of Premium Per User makes it possible for consumers to certify Premium functions, consisting of all the brand-new releases, on a per-user basis.

A personal sneak peek of the brand-new Power BI Premium was revealed in September 2020.

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2.2.3 Microsoft launches open-source low-code shows language, Microsoft Power Fx

Microsoft has actually released the very first low-code shows language, Microsoft Power Fx, for reasoning modification throughout the Power Platform. This language, with origins in Excel, is offered now, with application being open sourced on GitHub later on this year.