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Support for Clang-Tidy needs Visual Studio 2019 variation 16.4 or later on. To see the documents for this variation, set the Visual Studio Version selector control for this post to Visual Studio 2019 or later on. It’s discovered at the top of the tabulation on this page.

Code Analysis natively supports Clang-Tidy for both MSBuild and CMake jobs, whether utilizing Clang or MSVC toolsets. Clang-Tidy checks can run as part of background code analysis. They look like in-editor cautions (squiggles), and display screen in the Error List.

Clang-Tidy assistance is readily available beginning in Visual Studio 2019 variation 16.4. It’s consisted of immediately when you pick a C++ work in the Visual Studio Installer.

Clang-Tidy is the default analysis tool when utilizing the LLVM/clang-cl toolset, readily available in both MSBuild and CMake. You can configure it when utilizing an MSVC toolset to run along with, or to change, the basic Code Analysis experience. If you utilize the clang-cl toolset, Microsoft Code Analysis is not available.

Clang-Tidy follow effective collection. You might require to solve source code mistakes to get Clang-Tidy outcomes.


You can set up Clang-Tidy to run as part of both Code Analysis and develop under the Code Analysis > General page in the Project Properties window. Choices to set up the tool can be discovered under the Clang-Tidy submenu.