Update Office 2019 (for IT Pros) – Deploy Office

Update Office 2019 (for IT Pros) – Deploy Office
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After you https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/office2019/ release volume certified variations of Office 2019, consisting of Project and Visio, you’ll wish to keep it upgraded as Microsoft launches security updates and quality updates, such as updates that supply stability or efficiency enhancements for Office. Workplace 2019 will be upgraded roughly as soon as a month, normally on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.


Office 2019 does not get brand-new functions. If you wish to get brand-new Office functions on an on-going basis, you need to think about relocating to an Office 365 (or Microsoft 365) strategy that consists of Office.

Volume accredited variations of Office 2019 now utilize Click-to-Run, rather of Windows Installer (MSI), as the innovation utilized to set up and upgrade Office.

How Office 2019 gets upgraded

Click-to-Run deals with updates in a different way than Windows Installer (MSI). The following offers info about how updates work for Office 2019.

  • When there are updates for Office 2019, Microsoft launches a brand-new develop of Office 2019 on the Office Content Delivery Network (CDN) on the web. This brand-new construct consists of all the current security and quality updates.
  • By default, Office 2019 is set up to be upgraded immediately straight from the Office CDN, although that can be altered. More on that later on.
  • There is an arranged job called “Office Automatic Updates 2.0” on the computer system on which Office 2019 is set up that look for updates regularly.
  • If updates are offered, Office starts downloading the updates instantly. The user does not need to do anything. As part of this procedure, Office likewise finds out what’s various in between the current variation of Office 2019 up on the Office CDN and the variation of Office 2019 that’s set up on the computer system. Based upon that, it just downloads what’s required to upgrade Office 2019 to the most recent variation.
  • While the updates are being downloaded, users can continue to utilize Office apps, such as Word. After the updates are downloaded, the updates are set up. If any Office apps are open, users will be triggered to conserve their work and close the apps, so that the updates can be set up.
  • After the updates are set up, users can return to operating in their Office apps.

How updates are various in Office 2019

Since Click-to-Run deals with updates in a different way than Windows Installer (MSI), there are some modifications you require to be familiar with.

  • There are no different downloads for security or quality updates. Updates are currently consisted of as part of a brand-new develop of Office 2019 that’s published on the Office CDN.
  • Updates are cumulative, so the current variation of Office 2019 readily available on the Office CDN consists of all the security and quality updates from all the previous variations of Office 2019.
  • When you download and set up Office 2019 from the Office CDN, it’s up to date currently. You do not need to download and use any updates or service packs after you set up Office 2019.
  • Since updates are cumulative and currently consisted of in the current variation of Office 2019 on the Office CDN, you do not utilize Microsoft Updates or Windows Server Updates Services (WSUS) to upgrade Office2019 You can utilize Microsoft Configuration Manager to assist you https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/office2019/ release and handle updates to Office 2019, consisting of managing when and from where updates are used.

Configure where Office 2019 gets updates from

If network connection and other factors to consider based upon your organizational requirements aren’t a problem, we advise that Office 2019 is upgraded immediately from the Office CDN. Upgrading from the Office CDN is the default, so there’s absolutely nothing additional you require to do and it’s a simple method to keep Office 2019 approximately date.

If you do not desire computer systems set up with Office 2019 to link to the Office CDN to get updates, you can set up Office 2019 to get updates from a shared folder from within your internal network. You still require a least one computer system to have access to the Office CDN to be able to download the most recent variation of Office 2019 to the shared folder on your internal network.

Keep in mind that setting up and upgrading Office 2019 from a shared folder on your regional network needs considerably more administrative effort and more disk area. You have to keep track of when brand-new builds of Office 2019 are readily available and then download the upgraded variation of Office 2019 to your network. Downloading to a shared folder on your regional network will constantly download a complete copy of the upgraded variation of Office.

You can likewise utilize business software application https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/office2019/ release tools, such as Microsoft Configuration Manager, to assist you upgrade Office 2019.

The area where Office 2019 tries to find updates is defined in the configuration.xml file that you utilize to https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/office2019/ release Office 2019 with the Office Deployment Tool. For additional information, see Deploy Office 2019 (for IT Pros) You can likewise utilize Group Policy

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